Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Australian & New Zealand Graduates' Association of Malaysia's 50th Anniversary (160808)


Many Malaysians have indeed travelled far

To Australia and New Zealand as lands afar

In pursuit of education both near and far

To achieve their personal dreams not too far

It's good to learn the academic laws and theories

With hope they will lead to more human harmonies

Lending a hand to help reduce world's tragedies

We'll all be better off with creative comedies

With Australian and New Zealand graduates over the years

Surviving all over the whole wide world without fears

Though some might have gone through blood, sweat and tears

They'll still be able to surge on with the right gears

Australia and New Zealand have been gracious hosts

And some have chosen them as their permanent posts

While many of them happily with their families boast

How they have found their happiness from coast to coast

After variable years of cross cultural living

There'll be exchanges of giving and receiving

Making all interacting lives more enriching

Cementing relationships that are far reaching

With favourable mutual socio-economic and political ties

May they continue to hold strong however fast time flies

Whenever firmly established, friendship made never dies

With 'fair dinkum' spirit there'll be fair discussions without lies

May all the graduates (under ANZGAM) share a common voice

And be a useful and powerful force to be reckoned with

To champion and uphold the universal freedom of choice

To safeguard human rights to correct length and width

To the governments and people of Australia and New Zealand we'll be grateful

For their kind and generous hospitality that's obviously fruitful

To spread their fairness and goodness we can rightly be boastful

To treasure all the good values and reject wrong ones we'll be careful

Our heartiest congratulations to the Penang Organising Committee

For a job well done without driving people up the tree

Since it's no small task like having an afternoon tea

Or to play golf by simply hitting the ball off the tee

Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 160808

Chairman, ANZGAM Perak Branch


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