Saturday, April 18, 2009

Odes To Mr. Tom Brown From US (ACS Ipoh & MBS Kuala Lumpur)


Indeed you had travelled so far
Without travelling over by car
Without carrying any heavy jar
To serve in Malaysia above par

You first served in Ipoh famous for tin
Although you yourself were far from being thin
You fought for the school library without much din
Victory being noted without much movement of your chin

You entered class with short sleeve shirt and a tie
Though the weather outside was hot enough to cook a pie
Being honest and straight forward you won't tell a big lie
As a mark of due respect to your profession you wore your tie

You certainly left behind many very deep impressions
Cultivating strong friendships with sincere expressions
Students were taught without being under suppressions
Good values were shared with right doses of compassion

You were innovative and creative in your teaching
A painting in a magazine was your topic for an essay
You had your novel ways of getting our minds stretching
Giving us complete freedom to write what we wanted to say

Though you had your occasional gimmicks to 'provoke'
They would fall short of getting our furies to invoke
When we treated them as getting our funny bones to poke
We never found the need to retaliate or to go for broke

As library adviser you introduced new order to the books
You shared your wisdom by not choosing them based on looks
Upgrading it to being a resource centre was in your menu to cook
You also tried to maximise the use of space in every corner or nook

Those fortunate enough would know all the good you had done
Through your various roles sprinkled with wit,laughter and fun
Your stay throughout in Malaysia had obviously been a good run
When you had helped so many students from being in English dumb

Allow us now to appreciate your years of dedicated services
Carried out with excellence along with all your sacrifices
So let's all continue to pray to our good God above
To permit us to dedicate this to our sir,Tom Brown,with love!

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 180409
Sat. 18th Apr. 2009.

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