Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tribute To Mothers On Mothers' Day 10th May 2009


Frankly I'll never know what it's like to be a mum
Until and unless I have the chance to become one
On the surface everything seems so very easy
Even though throughout my childhood I had kept you busy
Yet you made sure that I was free from all my wants
Though day and night I ensured that you knew I wasn't dumb

As a baby you had fed me with your milk
Since you couldn't afford to wear silk
But that didn't make me any worse
With much savings in your purse

Clothes I changed so often till your fingers became numb
Practically all my basic needs you gladly met as your grants
Patience you had aplenty since you barely cared to grunt
There are still tunes I recall that you quietly hummed

With my tiny fingers your tired calf muscles I tried to massage
To ease the pain from long hours of work standing on your feet
To bring up children in spite of difficulties was your main feat
Never failing as well to convey the important religious message

Whenever I was sick you quickly took me to the doctor
Whether day or night you didn't consider the time factor
With whatever means of transport short of a farm tractor
Though occasionally you picked the wrong health protector

Most of my hurts towards you you had kept mum
Although at times I had behaved almost like a bum
Still you shared with me fruit cakes soaked in rum
You knew that my life is not one for anyone to punt
You never treated me severely in any manner blunt
My missing things you searched as in treasure hunts

How I long to love you with all my heart
Since your love for me has never been apart
Even though you enjoy eating your egg tarts
They are never substitutes for me on your part

Oh how I loved to eat your home baked butter cakes
Even when there wasn't any sophisticated oven to bake
Rarely you even made mangosteen jam that was no fake
Since it was a love of labour for anyone this jam to make

With your sweet tooth you like your swissrolls
With your love you had played well mother's role
With your hardiness life's billows you had rolled
With your fondness of seafood may you enjoy fish's roe

You occasionally cooked sea cucumber with mushroom
Spiced with all the love in your heart's cozy room
Whatever unwanted you had swept off with your broom
Until it was time to enjoy the meal with flowers' bloom

How you wish to be garden proud
Though there aren't many flowers that are loud
With your own modest collection beneath the clouds
You can still be happy without have to trade in shrouds

It's my prayer that you'll enjoy good health
Without having to worry about earthly wealth
I also want to thank our good God above
To have a Mum like you with so much love

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 100509
Sun. 10th May 2009.

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