Saturday, September 29, 2007

Getting Right With What's Wrong

Most people claim they know what's right or seriously wrong
But to get them to do something about it they rather sing another song
Popular reasons being 'to wash their hands clean' and 'not so strong'
Forgetting that deep within each worthy soul lies a spirit that's strong
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng Sat. 290907

Democracy Will Prevail

In this ruthless world where demagogues continue to assail
Against concerned citizens expressing their democratic rights
Let's continue to pray and relay that democracy will prevail
With all forms of righteous justice returning soon with delight
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng Sat. 290907

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Flawed Supermen (Ref: UPM)

How very sad to have people who over react
Before they sit down to carefully reflect
What kind of fair law and order to enact
What's right and what's wrong to deflect
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 250907

Handling Of Facts & Figures - (Ref. AG's Report)

We are always bombarded with 'facts and figures'
And we'll never know when facts may turn into fictions
And figures likewise on the outside into pretty pictures
When differing 'facts & figures' become diversions and distractions
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 210907

Courage At Any Age Of Higher Learning

It's time to show your righteous courage
As maturing undergraduates with your coming of age
To champion for what's right with nonviolent rage
To declare to the world that you're ready for its stage
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 210907

March Of Justice

In the name of natural justice march right on
Doing whatever is necessary you must carry on
Against all wrong you must condemn and frown on
It's time for positive actions and no more excuses to sit on
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 210907

Stir Up The Sheep

How can the 'law abiding' lawyers still sleep
When they have among them serious black sheep
Even though lawyers are well known worldwide to bleat
How can they remain impotent with black sheep still on the beat?
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 210907

On Loss Of Young Lives

Lord, we know how much You love children
Whether they be on earth now or (later) in heaven
But no one has the right their lives shorten
For 'You shall not kill' is already written
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 210907

Mooncakes & Lanterns - Sept. 25th (Mid Autumn Festival - August 15th)

As you celebrate with lanterns and mooncakes
May your happiness in life have no brakes
With friends who are no fakes
Peace like cool calm lakes
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 250907

Sea To See - Sept. 30th - Day 273 - World Maritime Day (IMO)

We all swim within our own little or big sea
How far we swim out depends on how much we want to see
Though we'll never ever reach the distant horizon
We all know beyond it lies our final destination
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
[In Hindi]
सा तो सी
वे अल स्विम विथिं ओउर ओवन लिटिल ओर बिग सा
हाउ फार वे स्विम आउट देपेंड्स ओं हाउ मुच वे वांट तो सी
थौघ वे'ल नेवर एवर रेअच थे दिस्तंत होरिजों
वे अल क्नोव बेयोंद इत लैस ओउर फ़ाइनल देस्तिनाशन
(क) समुएल गोह किम इंग

Be Humble - Sept. 29th - Day 272

We all know that pride goes before a fall
So be careful how you answer any call
Even when you live life like a ball
Make sure you have the right gall
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
[In Hindi]
बी हुम्ब्ले
वी अल क्नोव ठाट प्राइड गोएस बेफोरे अ फाल
सो बी कारेफुल हाउ यू अन्स्वेर एनी कॉल
एवें व्हें यू लाइव लाइफ लिके अ बल
मके सुर यू हवे थे राईट गाल
(क) समुएल गोह किम इंग

Don't Hide The Dirt - Sept. 28th - Day 271

Do not sweep all the dirt under the carpet
Only to attract the wrong kind of house pet
How can you go on blowing your own trumpet
When you know that you've lost your self-respect
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
[In Hindi]
डॉन'त हाइड थे दिर्ट
दो नॉट स्वीप अल थे दिर्ट उंदर थे कार्पेट
ओनली तो अत्त्रक्त थे व्रोंग कंद ऑफ़ हौसे पेट
हाउ कैन यू गो ओं ब्लोविंग यौर ओवन त्रुम्पेट
व्हें यू क्नोव ठाट यू'वे लोस्त यौर सेल्फ-रेस्पेक्त
(क) समुएल गोह किम इंग

How To Handle Cold - Sept. 27th - Day 270

When you really get a nasty bad cold
You don't want your ENT mucus too long to hold
You must quickly get rid of it by taking whatever step bold
Even before you reach your pharmacist with medication sold
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
[In Hindi]
हाउ तो हंदले कोल्ड
व्हें यू रेअल्ल्य गेट अ नस्टी बद कोल्ड
यू डॉन'त वांट यौर इंत मुकुस तू लॉन्ग तो होल्ड
यू मुस्त क़ुइक्क्ल्य् गेट रीड औफ़ इत ब्य तकिंग व्हतेवेर स्टेप बोल्ड
एवें बेफोरे यू रेअच यौर फार्मिसिस्त विथ मेदिकाशन सोल्ड
(क) समुएल गोह किम इंग

What To Remember? Sept. 26th - Day 269

You need in your life only good things to remember
The rest you must quickly throw out and completely forget
Otherwise you'll continue to live life full of anger and regret
Hurting not only yourself but all your other neighbours and members
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
[In Hindi]
वहत तो रेमेम्बेर?
यू नीद इन यौर लाइफ ओनली गूढ़ थिंग्स तो रेमेम्बेर
थे रेस्ट यू मुस्त क़ुइक्क्ल्य् थ्रोव आउट एंड कोम्प्लेतेल्य फोर्गेत
ओठेर्विसे यू'ल कोन्तिनुए तो लाइव लाइफ फुल्ल औफ़ अन्गेर एंड रेग्रेट
हुर्तिंग नोट ओनली यौर्सेल्फ़ बुत अल यौर ओथेर नेइघ्बौर्स् एंड मेम्बेर्स
(क) समुएल गोह किम इंग

What Is Common? Sept. 25th - Day 268

What is often not so common is common sense
Which all assume they have like the basic senses
Until they are required to make complete sentences
Without having mastered the present, past and future tenses
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
[In Hindi]
वहत आईएस कोम्मों?
वहत आईएस ओफ्तें नोट सो कोम्मों आईएस कोम्मों सेन्स
व्हिच अल अस्सुमे थे हवे लिके थे बसिक सेंसेस
उन्तिल थे अरे रेकुइरेड तो मके कोम्प्लेते सेंतेंसेस
विथौत हविंग मस्तेरेड थे प्रेसेंत, पस्त एंड फुतुरे तेंसेस
(क) समुएल गोह किम इंग

Make Sense Of Response - Sept. 24th - Day 267

To every stimulus there's a response
Receive more stimuli to generate more responses
Think over carefully to make sure that it makes sense
Since you may need in certain cases to make use of all senses
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
[In Hindi]
मके सेंस औफ़ रेस्पोंसे
तो एवेर्य स्तिमुलुस तेरे'एस अ रेस्पोंसे
रेसेइवे मोरे स्तिमुली तो गेनेरते मोरे रेस्पोंसेस
थिंक ओवर कारेफुल्ल्य तो मके सुर ठाट इत मेक्स सेंस
सिंस यू मई नीद इन सेर्तैं केसेस तो मके उसे औफ़ अल सेंसेस
(क) समुएल गोह किम इंग

Thursday, September 20, 2007

From Vision To Mission - (Ref: JennyM) 200907

When you are really clear about God's vision
You'll be on your way often to worldwide missions
Fulfilling what is required of you in the 'Great Commission'
May this always be, in your earthly life, your one big ambition
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

From Dealing To Healing - (Ref: BettyT) 190907


Congrats on your 'graduation' from real estate dealing
To the noble and higher ministry of spiritual healing
Getting right back to the basis of renewed beginning
May you exercise patience in helping others in their recovering
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Proverbs Exposed, Expanded & Expounded (Cont. 190807)

16) All good things must come to an end
Even though some may be heaven-send
There are still rules that we can't bend
And certain mistakes that we can't mend
17) All is fair in love and war
If we go to battle with no whore
If we go all out with no wall
And decide to make love and not war at all
18) All roads lead to Rome
When you have no other place to roam
Don't go wandering around with mouth full of foam
Otherwise you won't find yourself being welcomed home
19) All that glitters is not gold
Don't get too easily sold
Even though you've often been told
Don't take the wrong step in being bold
20) All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
For what else will lift him up like a buoy
What then will happen to his favourite toy
And eveything else that's been source of his joy?
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng 180907

From Sink To Link - Sept. 23rd - Day 266

When you try to clean up any blocked sink
Find the source and cause of what you think
So that you can make use of the right link
To tackle the problem before you in a blink
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
[In Hindi]
फ्रॉम सींक तो लिंक
व्हें यू तरी तो चलें उप एनी सींक
फंड थे सोर्स एंड काउसे औफ़ वहत यू थिंक
सो ठाट यू कैन मके उसे औफ़ थे रिघ्त लिंक
तो ताक्क्ले थे प्रॉब्लम बेफोरे यू इन अ ब्लिंक
(क) समुएल गोह किम इंग

Mind Your Map - Sept. 22nd - Day 265

Keep all the important maps in your mind
That not only you alone can quickly find
But all factors around can learn to bind
To reach the desired destination so kind
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
[In Hindi]
मंद यौर मैप
कीप अल थे इम्पोर्तंत मप्स इन यौर मंद
तहत नॉट ओनली यू अलोने कैन क़ुइक्क्ल्य् फंड
बुत अल फक्टोर्स अरौंद कैन लीर्ण तो बंद
तो रेअच थे देसिरेड देस्तिनाशन सो कंद
(क) समुएल गोह किम इंग

Kiss For Peace - Sept. 21st - Day 264 - International Day of (Prayer For) Peace

Let us all be voluntary instruments of peace
Patching up the broken world piece by piece
All ugly waste products we really want to piss
All venom to be removed in the snake's kiss
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
[In Hindi]

किस फॉर पास
लेट उस अल बे वोलुन्तार्य इंस्ट्रुमेंट्स ऑफ़ पास
पत्चिंग उप थे ब्रोकें वर्ल्ड पीस ब्य पीस
अल उगली वास्ते प्रोदुक्ट्स वी रेअल्ल्य वांट तो पिस
अल वेनोम तो बे रेमोवेद इन थे सनके'एस किस
(क) समुएल गोह किम इंग

Saw For Wood - Sept. 20th - Day 263

Before you saw any wood
Try to get the sharpest saw
Just as you long for the best food
Before you fully open your jaw
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
[In Hindi]

सव फॉर वुड
बेफोरे यू सव एनी वुड
तरी तो गेट थे शर्पेस्त सव
जुस्त अस यू लॉन्ग फॉर थे बेस्ट फ़ूड
बेफोरे यू फुल्ली ओपन यौर जव
(क) समुएल गोह किम इंग

Saw For Wood - Sept. 20th - Day 263

Before you saw any wood
Try to get the sharpest saw
Just as you long for the best food
Before you fully open your jaw
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
[In Hindi]

सव फॉर वुड
बेफोरे यू सव एनी वुड
तरी तो गेट थे शर्पेस्त सव
जुस्त अस यू लॉन्ग फॉर थे बेस्ट फ़ूड
बेफोरे यू फुल्ली ओपन यौर जव
(क) समुएल गोह किम इंग

Attractive Secret - Sept. 19th - Day 262


When you have learned the secret of attraction
You draw to yourself all your desired attention
Regardless of the kind of problem or situation
There will always be found a proper solution
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
[In Hindi]
अत्त्रक्टिवे सेक्रेत
व्हें यू हवे लीर्नेद थे सेक्रेत ऑफ़ अत्त्रक्शन
यू द्रव तो यौर्सेल्फ़ अल यौर देसिरेड अत्तेंशन
रेगार्द्लेस ऑफ़ थे कंद ऑफ़ प्रॉब्लम ओर सितुअशन
तेरे विल अल्वाय्स बे फौंद अ प्रोपेर सोलुशन
(क) समुएल गोह किम इंग

It's About Time - Sept. 18th - Day 261

In the final analysis it's about time
When you get lemons and not lime
When you can see clearly and not blind
To all the goodness around you in various kind
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng

[In Hindi]
आईटी'एस अबाउट टिम
इन थे फ़ाइनल अनाल्य्सिस आईटी'एस अबाउट टिम
व्हें यू गेट लेमोंस एंड नोट लिमे
व्हें यू कैन सी क्लेअर्ल्य एंड नोट ब्लिंद
तो अल थे गूड़स्स अरौंद यू इन वरिओउस कंद
(क) समुएल गोह किम इंग

Fish & Pond - Sept. 17th - Day 260

Whether you are a small fish in a big pond
Or right now a very big fish in a very small pond
The main thing is to stay alive and active in the pond
Until you become the biggest fish in the biggest pond
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
[In Hindi]

फिश & पोंद
व्हेठेर यू अरे अ स्माल फिश इन अ बिग पोंद
ओर रिघ्त नोव अ वैरी बिग फिश इन अ वैरी स्माल पोंद
थे मैं थिंग इस तो स्टे अलिवे एंड अच्तिवे इन थे पोंद
उन्तिल यू बेकोमे थे बिग्गेस्त फिश इन थे बिग्गेस्त पोंद
(क) समुएल गोह किम इंग

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Forth To The Fore - (Ref: Jasmyn)

When you've found what you're looking for
Then you must in the right direction go forth
Ignoring all others who may 'talk three, talk four'
Pluck up enough courage to march straight to the fore
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng 150907

Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Note To Vote - Get Registered And Be Ready To Vote - 130907

The citizen's basic right to vote
Let young adults take serious note
Isn't something so flimsy to dote
Or mere learning about it by rote
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng

Still Best Friend? Still Have My Say To Stay? Can I Still Bark? - 130907

"A dog is a man's best friend"
Not any more if a Council is a fiend
With the poor dog in no way to defend
Its animal right to exist as a friend
"Every dog has its day"
But it's so sad today
When the dog has no say
How long it can survive or stay
"Barking dogs seldom bite"
Unless there are those out to incite
Whether by day or by nite/night
To create a not so pretty sight
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng

Which Side To Hide? - (Ref: Sorro Unmasked) -130907

What is there to really hide
When there's eternal truth to abide
Including the need to seriously chide
The guilty one for revealing the rear side
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng

All's Well That Swell - (Ref: ButterLovesScotch)

Your life is but a journey that you try to live well
When everything around you simply goes swell
You can take your own sweet time to postpone your farewell
To allow all of us plenty of room to slowly and gracefully dwell
On your personal history from classroom to wedding bells
Until you find your own fulfilling and meaningful life that's jolly
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng

Beating Around The Bush - 090907

'A slip of the tongue is no fault of the mind'
Unless of course there's a fully stressed mind
That will mangle and tangle words in a language mine
But be sure to separate your own words from that of mine
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng

Hogs Stuck In Cogs - (Ref: Just Poetic) - 090907

Dear poor, fat or thin pig
Your future becomes an issue that's big
Though you may not be as sweet as fig
Many people still don't in you fully dig
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng

YBs Being Blogged - 090907

When you seek more coverage
Be sure you have enough raw courage
To wear 'Emperor's New Clothes' as heritage
And claim transparency as main (not maim) advantage
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng

Recovery As Part Of History (Ref: Tun) - 090907

Here's wishing Tun a speedy recovery
Along with the 'just noticed' discovery
The interfaith prayers to give God all glory
That will go down well in Malaysia's history
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng

Indeed A Sad Fad (Ref: AKJ) - 090907

It's indeed very sad
To allow things gone bad
To continue as a fad
With innocent ones being had
Rightly we should be glad
When all evils have fled
After precious blood had bled
We spread out clearly as clad
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng

Don't Slay Nature - Sept. 16th - Day 259 - International Day For Preservation Of The Ozone Layer

Keep a watch out for the earth's warming effect
That will affect the thinning of the ozone layer
Let us not be held responsible for causing the defect
By damaging the natural protection as nature's slayer
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
[In Hindi]
डॉन'त स्लय नातुरे
कीप अ वात्च आउट फ़ॉर थे एअर्थ'एस वार्मिंग एफ्फेक्त
तहत विल अफ्फेक्त थे थिन्निंग औफ़ थे ओज़ोन लायेर
लेट उस नोट बे हेल्ड रेस्पोंसिब्ले फ़ॉर काउसिंग थे देफेक्त
ब्य दमगिंग थे नातुरल प्रोतेक्शन अस नातुरे'एस स्लायेर
(क) समुएल गोह किम इंग

Depending On "Logy" - Sept. 15th - Day 258

Don't be over dependent on technology
There is always still room for sociology
You need to do your part in physiology
Not to forget also the role of psychology
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
[In Hindi]
देपेंदिंग ओं "लोगी"
डॉन'त बे ओवर देपेंदेंत ओं टेक्नोलॉजी
तेरे इस अल्वाय्स स्टील रूम फ़ॉर सोसिओलोग्य
यू नीद तो दो यौर पार्ट इन फ्य्सिओलोग्य
नोट तो फोर्गेत अल्सो थे रोल औफ़ प्स्य्चोलोग्य
(क) समुएल गोह किम इंग

To Win Or Not - Sept. 14th - Day 257

In life you always play to win
Which is not as easy as going for a swim
Don't wait till problems fill up to the brim
Before you finally decide to wind up or to win
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
[In Hindi]
तो विन ओर नॉट
इन लाइफ यू अल्वाय्स प्ले तो विन
व्हिच इस नॉट अस एअस्य अस गोइंग फ़ॉर अ स्विम
डॉन'त वेट तिल प्रोब्लेम्स फिल उप तो थे ब्रिम
बेफोरे यू फिनाल्ल्य देसिदे तो विंड उप ओर तो विन
(क) समुएल गोह किम इंग

Plea For Peace - Sept. 13th - Day 256

Let us all be supporters of global peace
Helping to rebuild the shattered world piece by piece
Regardless of who is responsible for moving our cheese
We must recognize and know who we must all finally please
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
[In Hindi]
पला फॉर पास
लेट उस अल बे सुप्पोर्तेर्स ऑफ़ ग्लोबल पास
हेल्पिंग तो रेबुइल्ड थे शत्तेरेड वर्ल्ड पीस ब्य पीस
रेगार्द्लेस ऑफ़ व्हो इस रेस्पोंसिब्ले फॉर मोविंग ओउर चीज़
वी मुस्त रेकोग्निज़े ऎंड क्नोव व्हो वी मुस्त अल फिनाल्ल्य प्लेस
(क) समुएल गोह किम इंग

Be Down To Earth - Sept. 12th - Day 255

Even if we can in this world travel round and round
We are still very much in reality on earth bound
Better be humble than to be proud
Be down to earth and not be loud
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
[In Hindi]
बी दोवं तो एअर्थ
एवें इफ वी कैन इन थिस वर्ल्ड ट्रेवल राउंड ऎंड राउंड
वी अरे स्टील वैरी मुच इन रियलिटी ओं एअर्थ बौंद
बेत्तेर बी हुम्ब्ले थान तो बी प्रौद
बी दोवं तो एअर्थ ऎंड नॉट बी लौद
(क) समुएल गोह किम इंग

Prosperous Living - Sept. 11th - Day 254

You are not condemned to a life of poverty
Even if you don't have a name to any property
You can still live a full life filled with prosperity
When you understand and follow the law of spiritual propriety
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
[In Hindi]
प्रोप्सेरौस लिविंग
यू अरे नॉट कोन्देम्नेद तो अ लाइफ ऑफ़ पोवेर्टी
एवें इफ यू डॉन'त हवे अ नामे तो एनी प्रोपेर्टी
यू कैन स्टील लाइव अ फुल्ल लाइफ फिल्लेद विथ प्रोस्पेरिटी
व्हें यू उन्देर्स्तंद ऎंड फोल्लोव थे लव ऑफ़ स्पिरितुअल प्रोप्रिएटी
(क) समुएल गोह किम इंग

Free Is Best - Sept. 10th - Day 253

It has often been publicly said
That the best things in life are free
Since these have already been paid (for)
By those who had earlier planted the trees.
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
[In Hindi]
फ्री आईएस बेस्ट
इत हस ओफ्तें बीन पुब्लिक्ल्य सैद
तहत थे बेस्ट थिंग्स इन लाइफ अरे फ्री
सिंस ठेस हवे अल्रेअद्य बीन पेड (फ़ॉर)
ब्य ठोस व्हो हद एअर्लिएर् प्लान्तेद थे त्रीस.
(क) समुएल गोह किम इंग

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Love On Sight - Sept. 9th - Day 252

When you have any new love at first sight
Make sure it's really still there at hindsight
Just ensure that you have the lasting foresight
To achieve your heart's desire clear and bright
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
[In Hindi]
लोवे ओं सिघ्त
व्हें यू हवे एनी न्यू लोवे अत फर्स्ट सिघ्त
मके सुर इत'एस रेअल्ल्य स्टील तेरे अत हिंद्सिघ्त
जुस्त इंसुरे ठाट यू हवे थे लास्तिंग फोरेसिघ्त
तो अचिएवे यौर हार्ट'एस देसिरे क्लेअर ऎंड ब्रिघ्त
(क) समुएल गोह किम इंग

Be Flexible - Sept. 8th - Day 251 - International Literacy Day (UNESCO)

In life at times you must be flexible
To survive best in environment terrible
When you don't want to live a life that's horrible
Learn to adapt yourself under all circumstances by being flexible
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
[In Hindi]
बी फ़्लेक्षिब्ले
इन लाइफ अत तिमेस यू मुस्त बी फ़्लेक्षिब्ले
तो सुर्विवे बेस्ट इन एनवायरनमेंट तेर्रिब्ले
व्हें यू डॉन'त वांट तो लाइव अ लाइफ ठाट'एस होर्रिब्ले
लीर्ण तो अदापत यौर्सेल्फ़ उंदर अल सिर्कुम्स्तान्सेस ब्य बीइंग फ़्लेक्षिब्ले
(क) समुएल गोह किम इंग

Drink Best - Sept. 7th - Day 250

If health is as important as you think
Then the best water you must drink
Right from the start and not at its brink
With living water you will not even sink
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
[In Hindi]
ड्रिंक बेस्ट
इफ हैल्थ इस अस इम्पोर्तंत अस यू थिंक
थें थे बेस्ट वाटर यू मुस्त ड्रिंक
राईट फ्रॉम थे स्टार्ट ऎंड नॉट अत इट्स ब्रिंक
विथ लिविंग वाटर यू विल नॉट एवें सींक
(क) समुएल गोह किम इंग

Plans In Hands - Sept. 6th - Day 249

Carefully work out your strategic goals and plans
To be sure you know where you will finally land
Cafefully map out the functions of all your glands
To have everything under control within your hands
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
[In Hindi]
प्लंस इन हंड्स
कारेफुल्ल्य वर्क आउट यौर स्त्रतेगिक गोअल्स एंड प्लंस
तो बे सुर यू क्नोव वेयर यू विल फिनाल्ल्य लैंड
कारेफुल्ल्य मैप आउट थे फ़ुन्क्तिओन्स् औफ़ अल यौर ग्लान्ड्स
तो हवे एवेर्य्थिंग उंदर कण्ट्रोल विथिं यौर हंड्स
(क) समुएल गोह किम इंग

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Doing Your Part For Arts (Ref: Witzi 050907)

In the promotion of the Performing Arts
You have really done your dedicated part
May your fans and friends add to their shopping carts
The various cultural shows and values you try to impart
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng

Monday, September 3, 2007

Dreams Come Alive At The Dream Centre (Ref:DUMC 020907)

Come to the Dream Centre where dreams come alive
Whether you get there in the morning or evening by five
It will always be alive and active like a bee's hive
Where souls can be saved and many lives come alive
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng

Don't Bray In The Fray (Ref: Meesh 030907)

It doesn't really matter if we finally go or stay
As long as we haven't from our ideals gone astray
Though we may sometimes be surrounded by those who bray
We won't be fooled by them to join in the fray
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng

Looking At Any Economist (Ref: Elanor 030907)

It's not easy to be an economist
With the head always in a mist
Trying very hard to explain amidst
Facts, figures, concepts and blitz
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng

Be Tree That's Free (Ref: Elizabeth 030907)

"Know the truth and the truth will set you free!"
Do your own soul searching and don't bark up the wrong tree
Though it will be difficult to remove all the scars of five one three
Remember that the best things in life, like God's reconciling love, will always be free!
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng

Right Focus - Sept. 5th - Day 248

Keep on focusing on the objective and not the obstacle
So that your vision will not be obscured even with spectacles
With enough courage and energy to tackle and handle every debacle
So that you still have the feast that you always dreamed of at the tabernacle
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
[In Hindi]
रिघ्त फोकस
कीप ओं फोकुसिंग ओं थे ओब्जेक्टिवे एंड नोट थे ओब्स्ताक्ले
सो ठाट यौर विसिओं विल नोट बे ओब्स्कुरेड एवें विथ स्पेक्टाक्लेस
विथ एनौघ कोउरागे एंड एनेर्ग्य तो ताक्क्ले एंड हंदले एवेर्य देबक्ले
सो ठाट यू स्टील हवे थे फास्ट ठाट यू अल्वाय्स द्रेअमेद औफ़ अत थे ताबेर्नाक्ले
(क) समुएल गोह किम इंग

Cuddle Life - Sept. 4th - Day 247

When you go through life always in a hurdle
You must find time for occasional cuddles
So that you'll be more alert to mud puddles
And won't ever end up all in a fuddle
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
[In Hindi]
कद्दले लाइफ
व्हें यू गो थ्रौघ लाइफ अल्वाय्स इन अ हुर्दले
यू मुस्त फंड टिम फ़ॉर ओक्कसिओनल् कद्द्लेस
सो ठाट यू'ल बे मोरे अलर्ट तो मुद पुद्द्लेस
एंड वों'त एवर एंड उप अल इन अ फुद्दले
(क) समुएल गोह किम इंग

Back To Back - Sept. 3rd - Day 246

Whatever is holding you back
Get it quickly off your back
So that you can make a comeback
Without having to break your back
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
[In Hindi]
बैक तो बैक
व्हतेवेर इस होल्डिंग यू बैक
गेट इत क़ुइक्क्ल्य् ऑफ़ यौर बैक
सो ठाट यू कैन मके अ कोमेबैक
विथौत हविंग तो ब्रेक यौर बैक
(क) समुएल गोह किम इंग

Keep Open Mind - Sept. 2nd - Day 245

Be receptive with an open mind
There are still many treasures to find
Though you may have hardship to grind
You still find the good Lord being kind
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
[In Hindi]
कीप ओपन मंद
बी रेसेप्तिवे विथ एनी ओपन मंद
तेरे अरे स्टील मान्य त्रेअसुरेस तो फंड
थौघ यू मई हवे हर्द्शिप तो ग्रिंद
यू स्टील फंड थे गूढ़ लोर्द बीइंग कंद
(क) समुएल गोह किम इंग

Remember September - Sept. 1st - Day 244

Whenever free in the month of September
Take time off and try to really dismember
What you've done that others will wrongly remember
Right through yearly from January to December
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
[In Hindi]
रेमेम्बेर सेप्तेम्बेर
व्हेनेवेर फ्री इन थे मोंथ औफ़ सेप्तेम्बेर
टेक टिम ऑफ़ एंड तरी तो रेअल्ल्य दिस्मेम्बेर
वहत यू'वे दोने ठाट ओठेर्स विल व्रोंग्ल्य रेमेम्बेर
रिघ्त थ्रौघ येअर्ल्य फ्रॉम जनुअर्य तो देसेम्बेर
(क) समुएल गोह किम इंग