Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lily Fu -


Congratulations to you, with your blog , on being featured in the Malay Mail (Tue. 12th Aug. 2008, pg 16) CyberSpot (by Gabey Goh) under the heading 'NOT TOO OLD TO BLOG' [] and thanks for kindly giving me and my blog due mention.

One big question to pose to all 'senior citizens' (who are bloggers especially) is whether there is any urgent need to have an uniform official minimum age, recognized world wide, to qualify as one to avoid any confusion and dispute anywhere.

It used to be 55 based on the previous retirement age of civil servants, but KTM (Malaysian railway) would only accept 60 and above as being eligible for any fare discount.

Lily, perhaps one good project for all senior bloggers to work on jointly is to gather all the info, available from both the public and private sectors, whereby 'senior citizens' are given due recognition in the form of special concessions, treatments and/or discounts.

Wishing you & other 'senior bloggers' happy blogging well into the 80s & 90s...!

Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 120808
Tue. 12th Aug. 2008.

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