Sunday, August 3, 2008

Malay Mail - CyberSpot - With Rhyme And Reason - Wed. 30th July 2008 - No. 4 & 5

4th & 5th Instalments
4. Has blogging changed your life? How?

Serious blogging does take quite a bit of time
Which I happily sacrifice for the sake of rhyme
So that my public blog will not be solely mine
Without any boundary for any zealot to confine

There will be many adjustments from time to time
Trying to block out time to blog 'just in time'
So as not to be left out in historical time
While still having my say at the right time

5. Any regrets through blogging?

As long as blogging remains a pleasure
It will be an activity I truly treasure
Whether with hot passion or casual leisure
It'll contribute to my legacy as part of my feature

One regret is that I didn't get to blog earlier
To share all my fleeting thoughts in earlier years
So now I have to catch up in all my remaining years
Being better late than never with blogging made easier
(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 300708

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