Sunday, August 10, 2008

Noah's Dark - by Wynson Thong (Ipoh, Malaysia)

NOAH'S DARK - by Wynson Thong

Coffee black as the dark you see
percolating. A door hopelessly against it.
It acquires in the form of an embryo a
position, like a book's title which interests
but not enough to read.

Such a morning as the milkman trapped in a
shower, the sun in the half-boiled egg,
a whirlpool the size of a mug is something
sweet to start with . . .
who knows what last week's scandal denuded,
the paramour sitting pretty making news,
the senator his story.

Early on you would've sworn by
the weather report and said the same things.
Not anymore. The wetscape, flooding every radio,
has everyone by surprise, and what sounds so
contagious a cough is the inflammation of
thunder clearing its throat:
the city a spittoon flushed for good measure.

Your backyard is discriminating submerged.
An ark emerges in you -
if only an invention, easy as a lie,
but how you, in sipping hot coffee all alone,
want the barrage of rain stop,
birds and animals reach out to pair,
the newsvendor deliver. But
your backyard, like your neighbour's roof
a curse that leaks testify, is no place
for revelation. The saviour it appears appears
in a rainbow, with its threshold of subsidence,
otherwise lovers, sugar-packed and stacked,
would sooner walk on water
and nothing short of a toast and papers
augur well for breakfast.
Tolstoy would be too heavy a grub.

(C) Wynson Thong 1991 (Ipoh, Malaysia)
From 'Noah's Dark' - Poems by Wynson T.
Posted with permission by Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Sun. 10th Aug. 2008.

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