Friday, November 5, 2010

Accepting Religious Freedom - Ref: Nuraina AS


When everyone advocates and believes in religious freedom
Then there'll be no hang-ups over what anyone believes in
Since it's between believer and his own Lord's kingdom
One can freely choose what to drink at the religious inn

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 051110
Fri. 5th Nov.2010.

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Anonymous said...

BN/UMNO is getting desperate by the day
Making slanderous remarks another way
To tarnish DAP and uncle Lim’s image
To try to gain political advantage

To power UMNO is desperate to cling
Can this be their final fling?
Lets make this to come true
At GE13 vote in the PR crew

With God do not ‘play play’
We all must trust and obey
Repent and stop your evil way
Or meet God’s wrath one day

BN’s double by-election wins is at most
For the PR team just a battle lost
Be ready with good preparation
To win the war the 13th general election