Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Featured in Malay Mail - Wed. 30th July 2008.

Recently I was 'blogspotted' by Sheila Rahman on behalf of Malay Mail (MM) and was 'email interviewed' by having to provide my personal answers to a set of questions mainly in relation to me as a blogger.

My submitted answers (written entirely in the form of poems) were then passed on to young budding journalist Gabey Goh for her editing to churn out the CyberSpot feature article (in page 14 of MM Wed. 30th July 2008) under the main heading "WITH RHYME AND REASON" with my blog's original title "Motivation In Motion" as the sub-heading in the abridged form (due to space constraint, etc).

For the full benefit of fellow bloggers, blog visitors and 'blog researchers', I will post all my (uncensored) answers (in instalments) as delivered to Gabey via email for readers' pleasure/treasure &/or 'bashing/thrashing (flogging).'

1st Instalment - "About Me"

When it comes to blogging through the Internet

Your true age is really not an issue as a fact

Whether 16 or 60+ you can still blog on to bet

On your own individual blog or done as a pact

When there's no specific calling to preach

Then the other way to go right out to reach

Will be in the classrooms with students to teach

Though it may not be as easy as eating a peach

Being the elder of two Kuala Lumpur sons

I had my fair share of the blazing sun

Though childhood was not totally fun

I managed to survive with limited fund

Proud to be a pure bred of the KL Methodist Boys'School

With excellent all round education without cover of wool

Famous for being occasionally hot even for students cool

With opportunity to be well equipped with spiritual tool

Blessed with an Australian Colombo Plan scholarship

Had my fair share of doing research with Merino sheep

Throuhout four seasons in Armidale of NSW I could sleep

With many fond memories still fresh in mind to dearly keep

Academic studies were balanced with wide varieties of activities

Within the campus and occasionally outside with the local community

One year in Sydney University International House topped capacities

Of living an extremely hectic university life within a state's capital city

Obtained a B.Sc.(Hons) from the University of New England

Majoring in animal physiology instead of zoology by choice

Followed by a Diploma In Education as in original plan

In 'mother' Sydney University with much joy to rejoice

Served in various secondary schools in mainland Malaysia

Under CP scholarship bond for the first five years

Mainly as a science or biology teacher to be sure

From Kajang to Ipoh as civil servant without fears

Working within the educational system by principle

With basic knowledge of Mandarin was chosen as principal

Before retiring after reaching my career's limited pinnacle

To attend to other personal matters deemed more critical

Chosen as Commonwealth Foundation Fellow in April 1989

Travelled to England* and East Africa on goodwill tour

Along with 11 other Commonwealth representatives we got on fine

Interacting with NGOs and governments by the hours without being sour

* Including an audience with the Queen in the Winsor Castle

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