Thursday, July 31, 2008

Malay Mail - CyberSpot - With rhyme and reason - Wed. 30th July 2008

2nd Instalment

2. How and when did you start to blog?

(Current status… blogsites, web adds, how many hits, comments…)

Blogging started as a part-time hobby in June 2007

In response to invitation to blog for the nation's 50 years

It then became more like a God-sent passion from heaven

And still remains so with all the blood, sweat and tears

After much thinking and 'tinkering' with my main theme

On ideas of motivation being seen in constant action

And how to share without using paper in so many reams

I finally decided on poetic approach to 'Motivation In Motion'

My poems in my blog under are now my 'trade-marks'

And it's often interesting to read my visitors' frank remarks

While a handful appear to be critical enough to leave their marks

The majority have been most generous in their praises and sparks

My 'poetic' style appears rigid yet it's so flexible

Since it's more conversational than being traditional

Even though rhythms and rhymes are often in where possible

The message being the real massage is what's additional

Readers are most welcome to read inbetween the lines

And with their own understanding the meanings to define

If the hat fits, wear it and it will be simply just fine

Otherwise, please pass it along onto others waiting in line

Numbers per se are less important as those who really care to visit

The quality of my visitors being more relevant than actual count of hits

Will be most happy if any of my poems can truly stir their heartbeats

And cause them to quickly move on motivated to do their own kind bit

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 300708

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