Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Keeping Name Intact Or In Fact? Ref: Charles Hector - Malaysiakini

It's more than a question if other religions can also call their God correctly by that commonly used name
It's also a subtle form of formal religious 'domination' by declaring exclusivity in the public use of the name
It's an excuse that followers will be confused when they are refused monopoly in the usage of such a historical name
It's kind of strange that those who are enlightened and liberated have no problem at all in the sharing of the same name

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 230708
Wed. 23rd July 2008.

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The said...

/// Samuel Goh Kim Eng Says:
Yesterday at 22: 14.48

How can anyone be so cruelly condemned
Even before being charged in court?
How can a country’s image be redeemed
With so many strange conducts to court? ///

Samuel, Samuel your verses are a form of pollution
Once in a while, it can pass off as a diversion
But seeing your verses contort in convolution
Just to try to put a few lines in assonance

Condemned doesn’t even rhyme with redeemed
Looks like you are trying too hard and losing steam
And of course court will rhyme with court
Clever lines, witty verses they certainly are not.