Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Practise Laws With Justice - Ref: Disquiet - Malik Imtiaz Sarwar - Malaysiakini

Only good laws will display fair justice
That all people long for beyond mere notice
Simple enough to understand even for a law novice
Such laws are what we need to be put into practice

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 220708
Tue. 22nd July 2008.

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The said...

/// Samuel Goh Kim Eng Says:
Yesterday at 22: 14.48

How can anyone be so cruelly condemned
Even before being charged in court?
How can a country’s image be redeemed
With so many strange conducts to court? ///

Samuel, Samuel your verses are a form of pollution
Once in a while, it can pass off as a diversion
But seeing your verses contort in convolution
Just to try to put a few lines in assonance

Condemned doesn’t even rhyme with redeemed
Looks like you are trying too hard and losing steam
And of course court will rhyme with court
Clever lines, witty verses they certainly are not.